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    I really like this artist's idea of giving crystal ponies gemstone eyes like the G1 twinkle-eyed ponies. I kinda wish the show runners had thought of it


    IMO they give a kind of an unfocused, not-all-there kind of look to the horses. That works with the more horse-like style of G1, but it seriously weirds me out here, where the eyes are used so expressively.


    I agree with FF here. It's an interesting and possibly workable idea, and might look better in motion than like this, but the eyes as they are now need a bit more distinction in where they're looking to really work. Maybe if they still had catchlights like FiM's normal eye style has...

    Personal anecdote: In my art, for eyes I went from the canon FiM style to a far simpler one where their pupils are colored and the irises are a solid lighter tint of the pupil color. Even then, as I was experimenting with how they should look, I found that the catchlights were still quite necessary to keep their eyes looking like they had life in them. Without them my ponies started looking either dead or extremely dopey. That's just my style, though.