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    From the artist's DA:

    "A few years Before the series started I was doing concept design for Hasbro. These were some of the one I came up with, the new shows design is based on Lauren Fost, her husband is the creator for Powerpuff girls. It was awesome having Lauren critique my work! They gotta make things easier to be animated in Flash. I felt that the ponys needed to be bouncier and frilly, but it was still a bit too traditional animation for quality. They need to be simplified. They were alot of fun to work on, the series(2011) you are currently watching I worked on that as well, good times!"


    The proto-Zecora in the upper-right is interesting. Apparently they had the idea for Bridle Gossip before they even finalized the main characters.


    Looks like a more refined form of G3/3.5, but the eyes, faces, and super curls only spell out the same kind of dead personality that the old shows had.


    Tagged two more G3 chars also Willsun don't make me throw down wit you son