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Collection: Disgustingly Adorable

I think I am going to throw up from all the cute.

(Note: Just because something has the CMCs or fillies doesn't make it adorable. If it doesn't make YOU saw "dawww", you're doing it wrong.)

applejack empty-10 filly fluttershy main_six pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity twilight_sparkle
bunny_suit c0nker carrot costume fluttershy
highres littletiger488 rainbow_dash scootaloo transparent
applejack artist_unknown cat fluttershy main_six parody pinkie_pie pusheen rainbow_dash rarity species_swap twilight_sparkle
artist_unknown background_ponies brushie minuette
derpy_hooves fluttershy rinacat
baww button-pup cardboard_box derpy_hooves emotional_blackmail
applejack bakki fluttershy main_six parody pinkie_pie princess_celestia princess_luna rainbow_dash rarity star_wars toy twilight_sparkle
bakki princess_celestia princess_luna
highres okie_dokie_low_key scootaffection scootaloo
applejack cheshirepanda chibi fluttershy main_six nightmare_moon pinkie_pie princess_celestia rainbow_dash rarity spike twilight_sparkle
aloe background_ponies comic lyra_heartstrings owlowiscious princess_luna willdrawforfood1
bakki filly princess_celestia princess_luna toy
hugs rainbow_dash rizcifra scootaffection scootaloo
derpy_hooves dinky_hooves highres not_that_kind_of_shipping tranquilmind
alfalfa_monster baww comic egophiliac filly princess_celestia princess_luna
erthilo filly rarity sweetie_belle
derpy_hooves dinky_hooves xkappax
rainbow_dash scootaffection scootaloo sleeping supersheep64 wonderbolts
bigponymac filly fluttershy hat princess_luna