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Collection: Disgustingly Adorable

I think I am going to throw up from all the cute.

(Note: Just because something has the CMCs or fillies doesn't make it adorable. If it doesn't make YOU saw "dawww", you're doing it wrong.)

fluttershy fruit kloudmutt portrait
filly opalescence rarity shadow-dancer-666
apple_bloom applejack littletiger488
applejack filly shadow-dancer-666 winona
pony_ride_the_pony rainbow_dash riding scootaffection scootaloo valiumangel
filly ice_cream pinkie_pie shadow-dancer-666
filly shadow-dancer-666 twilight_sparkle
comic derpy_hooves dinky_hooves highres mail muffin raygirl vector
carly_hwang the_great_and_powerful_trixie
contrast filly oleg_savoskin princess_celestia princess_luna
scootaloo valiumangel
derpy_hooves hugs rainbow_dash turbulosus
derpy_hooves fluttershy highres hugs rainbow_dash_(artist) transparent vector
derpy_hooves dinky_hooves mother's_day muffin pterosaurpony
artist_unknown derpy_hooves dinky_hooves lineart mother's_day
fluffikitten gummy pinkie_pie sleeping
apple_bloom bamboodog fluttershy rainbow_dash
derpy_hooves dinky_hooves sir_radical
apple_bloom apples basket bucket sleeping willdrawforfood1