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Collection: Disgustingly Adorable

I think I am going to throw up from all the cute.

(Note: Just because something has the CMCs or fillies doesn't make it adorable. If it doesn't make YOU saw "dawww", you're doing it wrong.)

filly princess_cadance twilight_sparkle yoonny92
absurdres filly godoffury highres sleeping transparent twilight_sparkle
c-puff costume fluttershy hoodie transparent
scootaloo slightlyshade
baby beavernator comic highres inkwell letter princess_cadance princess_celestia quill twilight_sparkle
gsphere hugs pinkie_pie unico
apple_bloom cutie_mark_crusaders ponypile scootaloo sleeping sweetie_belle xioade
crayon drawing filly grasspainter princess_luna sleeping woona
blanket book clouddg filly highres shining_armor sleeping twilight_sparkle
discord fluttershy highres hugs trefleix watercolor
filly fluttershy highres my_neighbor_totoro nomusic33
absurdres beavernator filly highres original_character pony_ride_the_pony princess_celestia princess_lauren princess_luna riding snow winter young
absurdres arvaus chocolate_rain cloud filly highres princess_celestia princess_luna
agamnentzar dinky_hooves hat mail transparent
absurdres candy filly halloween highres jack-o-lantern pon3splash princess_luna pumpkin
mittens scarf scootaloo slightlyshade snow winter
clovercoin earmuffs scarf spike
boots coat idrawweeklypony scarf sweetie_belle
bulk_biceps earring earthsong9405 featherweight
filly power_ponies rainbow_dash xioade zapp