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Collection: Disgustingly Adorable

I think I am going to throw up from all the cute.

(Note: Just because something has the CMCs or fillies doesn't make it adorable. If it doesn't make YOU saw "dawww", you're doing it wrong.)

fluttershy licking madmax sweetie_belle
apple_bloom cloak cutie_mark_crusaders grayscale lineart scootaloo sketch sweetie_belle thereturnofmuabo
cat comic dog_bowl fluttershy megasweet
apple_bloom applejack highres jakneurotic tears
comic derpy_hooves dinky_hooves megasweet origin_story
bucket cloudsdale cutie_mark derpy_hooves filly fluttershy hat madmax rainbow_dash shovel
apple_bloom baby derpy_hooves dunkinbean not_that_kind_of_shipping
cutie_mark highres paint scootaloo smittyg
madmax rainbow_dash scootaffection scootaloo
filly fluttershy madmax rainbow_dash wallpaper
plasters-ponies ponygoggles princess_celestia princess_luna
comic derpy_hooves filly orange parents tigs
artist_unknown egg filly spike twilight_sparkle
artist_unknown derpy_hooves dinky_hooves
artist_unknown diamond_dogs rarity rover
gilda madmax scootaffection scootaloo
chibi rainbow_dash tikitikilola
artist_unknown chibi rainbow_dash
kloudmutt rarity sweetie_belle