Read the rules before proceeding!

Collection: Style Parodies

Pics in this pool should be in an obvious homage to the style of a well-known artist (and not just a simple stylistic choice). For example, pics which look like they came straight out of a Miyazaki film would be acceptable, but a general "anime style" image would not. Parodies of existing artwork may be acceptable if the artistic style is unique to the original art.

20s applejack apples dress necklace orchard sararichard
20s balloon dress necklace pinkie_pie sararichard
20s dress feather headband sararichard twilight_sparkle
20s dress manecut necklace rarity sararichard
20s angel flapper fluttershy headband manecut necklace sararichard
anime equestria_girls highres humanized japanese panty_and_stocking_with_garterbelt shepherd0821 stocking_(character) twilight_sparkle
footsam pinkie_pie retro
mo_willems princess_cadance twilight_sparkle wizardwannabe
mo_willems princess_cadance wizardwannabe
adlynh border french le_chat_noir parody poster the_great_and_powerful_trixie
border highres princess_celestia space space-kid space_suit
applejack fluttershy grass grayscale highres japanese kokuu_no_chuusa main_six pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity realistic tagme translation_request twilight_sparkle
dog equestria_girls grayscale humanized singing spike the-butch-x twilight_sparkle
canterlot dress fancy_pants fleur hat hayseed_turniptruck janeesper photo_finish rarity renoir sapphire_shores
art berry_punch book detective flowers janeesper magic minuette mustache paint_brush parody plushie smarty_pants spike the_starry_night toy twilight_sparkle vincent_van_gogh
applejack hay_bale janeesper paint
ansel_adams camera fluttershy forest hat janeesper photograph sandwich tree
comic highres janeesper paintbrush painting rainbow_dash sonic_rainboom wassily_kandinsky
derpy_hooves highres j-w-white mail muffin painting parody the_creation_of_adam
derpy_hooves jan_vermeer parody whitestar1802