Read the rules before proceeding!

Collection: Style Parodies

Pics in this pool should be in an obvious homage to the style of a well-known artist (and not just a simple stylistic choice). For example, pics which look like they came straight out of a Miyazaki film would be acceptable, but a general "anime style" image would not. Parodies of existing artwork may be acceptable if the artistic style is unique to the original art.

final_fantasy nightmare_moon princess_celestia sailormuffin
adventure_time fluttershy humanized zutaragirlxd
badzerg balloon cannon octavia_melody pinkie_pie salvador_dali scootaloo spider
philomena princess_celestia simple sugarcube-owl
humanized pinkie_pie seiryuga the_powerpuff_girls
adventure_time clauu-rawr humanized pinkie_pie
american_football humanized owned parody peanuts pinkie_pie rainbow_dash xxhidden-soulxx
applejack fluttershy grayscale highres looji main_six parody pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity steamboat_willie twilight_sparkle
derpy_hooves leonardo_da_vinci parody stinkehund
andy_warhol applejack fluttershy main_six marikaefer pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity twilight_sparkle
princess_luna rk-d vincent_van_gogh
cubism mateusuk parody pinkie_pie
apple_bloom cutie_mark_crusaders gigyanmage scootaloo sweetie_belle wind_waker
angel applejack apples book dalapony fluttershy main_six pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity the_legend_of_zelda twilight_sparkle wind_waker
applejack lineart parody trips-ocho
book kayziomau okami twilight_sparkle
cape glasses gurren_lagann lyra_heartstrings parody sunglasses zephrysdaemon
dalapony discord wind_waker
derpy_hooves golden_harvest gravity_falls humanized transparent zicygomar