Read the rules before proceeding!

Collection: Style Parodies

Pics in this pool should be in an obvious homage to the style of a well-known artist (and not just a simple stylistic choice). For example, pics which look like they came straight out of a Miyazaki film would be acceptable, but a general "anime style" image would not. Parodies of existing artwork may be acceptable if the artistic style is unique to the original art.

foxinshadow humans lyra_heartstrings
crossover derpy_hooves humanized mail the_powerpuff_girls transparent yokokinawa
princess_luna the_starry_night thecentipede vincent_van_gogh
andy_warhol foxinshadow marilyn_monroe parody rarity
girl_with_a_pearl_earring highres invalid-david johannes_vermeer parody
badzerg parody salvador_dali sleeping the_persistence_of_memory twilight_sparkle
applejack artist_unknown humanized spumco
axemgr barking_dog keith_haring twilight_sparkle
chinese crappyunicorn discord
calvin_and_hobbes filly harsadeur parody plushie smarty_pants toy twilight_sparkle wagon
aloe angel animated apple_bloom applejack bad_apple big_macintosh book braeburn carrot_cake cheerilee cup_cake cutie_mark_crusaders derpy_hooves diamond_tiara discord flash fluttershy g1 gilda granny_smith guard_pony hakurei_reimu hoity_toity inkwell kirisame_marisa little_strongheart lotus_blossom lyra_heartstrings main_six mayor_mare monochrome muffin musical nightmare_moon nurse_redheart octavia_melody original_character parody philomena photo_finish pinkie_pie posey prince_blueblood princess_celestia princess_lauren princess_luna quill rainbow_dash rarity sapphire_shores scootaloo silhouette silver_spoon snailsquirm snipsy_snap soarin spike spitfire sudro surprise sweetie_belle sweetie_drops tagme the_great_and_powerful_trixie time_turner touhou train twilight_sparkle twist video vinyl_scratch white_on_black wonderbolts zecora
applejack fluttershy giyganmage main_six parody pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity the_legend_of_zelda twilight_sparkle wind_waker
discord enigmaticelocution
alphes_(parody) humanized leimy touhou twilight_sparkle
alphes_(parody) dress humanized leimy princess_luna touhou
highres lineart matrix541 mc_escher parody rainbow_dash
fluttershy french hezaa nouveau
aquaman batman_(series) lyra_heartstrings mxcoriginal seaponies
banananamilk final_fantasy fluttershy wallpaper