Read the rules before proceeding!

Collection: Style Parodies

Pics in this pool should be in an obvious homage to the style of a well-known artist (and not just a simple stylistic choice). For example, pics which look like they came straight out of a Miyazaki film would be acceptable, but a general "anime style" image would not. Parodies of existing artwork may be acceptable if the artistic style is unique to the original art.

edward_hopper nighthawks parody pony_joe princess_celestia spike
cubism professor_basil scootaloo sonic_rainboom
andy_warhol applejack dress fluttershy gala_dress main_six marilyn_monroe parody pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity themuffin twilight_sparkle
muffin parody professorbasil salvador_dali sleeping the_persistence_of_memory twilight_sparkle
angusmcleod applejack disney fluttershy lineart main_six pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity retro twilight_sparkle
kirby negativefox nintendo rarity yarn
badzerg leonardo_da_vinci livestream lyra_heartstrings mona_lisa parody
black_beauty iron_man jurassic_park nightmare_moon original_character parody pinkie_pie poster sakuyamon the_lion_king the_water_horse:_legend_of_the_deep watermark
derpy_hooves joseph_ducreux moe parody portrait_de_l'artiste_sous_les_traits_d'un_moqueur scrunchy_face
applejack despicable_me fluttershy lueza-35 main_six parody pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity twilight_sparkle
applejack badzerg canterlot dream_caused_by_the_flight_of_a_bee_around_a_pomegranate_a_second_before_awakening gummy livestream lyra_heartstrings parody pinkie_pie rainbow_dash salvador_dali twilight_sparkle
crossover horn humanized nightmare_moon the_powerpuff_girls yokokinawa
blossom crossover humanized pinkie_pie the_powerpuff_girls yokokinawa
badzerg camille_monet_on_a_garden_bench claude_monet glove hat i_shall_not_use_my_hooves_as_hands livestream lyra_heartstrings parody rarity sweetie_drops tophat umbrella
applejack fluttershy lightning main_six nightmare_moon oleg_savoskin pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity twilight_sparkle
applejack fluttershy kwartzkitten main_six pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity tribal twilight_sparkle
crossover humanized pinkie_pie the_powerpuff_girls yokokinawa
anime anime_as_fuck applejack fluttershy humanized idylliccommotion main_six panty_and_stocking_with_garterbelt pinkie_pie rainbow_dash rarity twilight_sparkle
adventure_time apple_bloom applejack apples balloon book butterfly finn fluttershy guitar gunther humanized ice_king jake lady_rainicorn lumpy_space_princess main_six marceline pinkie_pie princess_bubblegum princess_celestia rainbow_dash rarity rope rope_trick shield spike sword the_great_and_powerful_trixie tree_trunks twilight_sparkle variety_is_the_why weapon yamino